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Poker: Three Bet Defence - Late Position vs Blinds

Three-betting out of the blinds is a very tricky play because, if you get called, you have to manage
the post-flop action from out of position.

So, when you are the recipient of one of these three-bets in poker single table tournaments,
you need to bear this in mind when
deciding what course of action to take.

There are some opponents who realise the risk they take when three-betting out of the blinds.
Consequently, they restrict their range and only three-bet for value.

With these types of players, it is important to four-bet with pocket aces and kings to give them a
chance to stack off with pocket queens and ace-king type hands.

If you were to get fancy and just call, then you may lose your customer if the board texture gets rough.

If the player in the blinds three-bets a little bit more liberally, then you can just call with your better hands.

This balances the times when you choose to call with some weaker hands. Against the maniacs,
you can just call down three streets with your premium hands irrespective of how scary the board
may look.

You will lose some pots, but if you have chosen your opponent wisely, you will win more than you lose.

With pocket aces and kings, it is often a good play to move all-in over the blinds c-bet on
a two-suited board.

After all, this is what you would likely do with your semi-bluffs and, once again, you are
balancing your play by acting in this way.

There are going to be times when your opponents are so clueless that balancing your play is overrated,
but it does you know harm to start getting your sub-conscious used to this way of thinking.

Apollo Slots is an RTG Rand Casino that was Launched in 2016

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When it comes to New Rand Casinos - Apollo Slots is by far one of the better ones.
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As they are a Rand Casino only - There is no currency conversions necessary and you can deposit money straight from your local SA Bank account via internet banking, and the funds will be credited immediately.

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Silversands Casino is a Rand Casino that has been around for over 10 years

Silversands Casino is one of the older rand casinos and the first RTG casinos online in South Africa. We tested them out in the early days and were quite impressed with their support and the service we received. The casino software downloaded very quickly.

We deposited via internet transfer from a South African bank account to their South African Bank account (details are available on their website). We then sent an email to their casino support which included proof of the transfer and then we waited to see how quickly they credited our casino account.

We were suitably impressed because the credits appeared on the casino account in less than 5 minutes. We like to see this kind of exceptional player support because of course when you want to play at an online casino, you don't want to wait for ages for your casino credits to be available.

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